Smile Together India Foundation is a rights based organization working for the empowerment of the Dalits, Women, Child and Person with disability of marginalized communities in the Gaya District of Bihar ,India. Set up in 2019 as a non profit trust. This is an endeavor of the joint effort made by the Mr Sourabh Kumar who is Proffesnal & Mr. Sandeep Kumar Pathak.Who  have a vast exprince in social sector  . 

 Smile Together India  Foundation works in the field of Dalit women empowerment and for rights of children and PWDs.


Thus it strives for economic and social empowerment which in turn will trigger social empowerment. The organization promotes overall development through secular and democratic ways for the under privileged and oppressed poor rural dwellers of Bihar. Smile Together India  Foundation  strives to create self governing institutions at the village level through organizing the dalits and women of the target areas in order to bring about holistic development in their social status and  livelihood.


It strives to create sustainable communities where the community itself will be viable to take care of themselves and thus strive for the holistic development. Thus it strives to create a society where the dalit, women, PWDs and children will be treated with absolute justice, equality and fraternity.


Smile Together India  Foundation strives to fulfil the constitutional dream of gender equality such that the women are no longer trapped within the four walls of the house and the traditional system of what is right and proper for the women does not reigns supreme.

We believe everyone can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Our Mission

To create a society without poverty, illiteracy, sickness, child labour or gender and social inequality.

Our Vision

To create  self governing communities and associated organizations for poverty reduction through achieving basic rights, basic education, health security, gender and social equality, livelihood security for the poor and empowering women within the community.

Our Objective

1. To organize the neglected and the so called weaker sections of the society.

2. To organize them for social actions leading towards a holistic development.

3. To impart entrepreneurial skill to them leading towards diversifies livelihood opportunities.

5. To improve the quality of life of poor rural dalits and their families through

6. Increased access to health, nutrition, education services and productive assets.

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